Thursday, April 2, 2009

on the avenue I'm takin' you to

You can stand on a little bridge that runs
over 42nd Street at the eastern end, and
see all the way to New Jersey (13 long
blocks and a river away).
Nice view, I think, and not just because
it includes my fave NYC PTDD building.


  1. Ooh, Pointy-topped doo-dad!

    This is a lovely view, Alexa! Do they let you have picnics and drink wine on the bridge?

  2. I wasn’t going to comment because this photo taken from the bridge of Tudor City Place is ineffably impressive.

    The traffic on that bridge in the distance seems to be connected with NY’s premier “drive-through building”—The Helmsley. Talk about PTDDs.

  3. That is some fine PTDD, TG! I just took a virtual tour of The New York Helmsley Hotel and must say their bathrooms would meet my standards. I'm also thrilled to see that in addition to their stately Empire and Chrysler Boardrooms, they have a Knickerbocker Suite. Really.

  4. I know the '42 St. Bridge song' or Feelin' Groovy! Maybe I will see it in person, the bridge, not the song.

  5. OK, enough of my slothfulness - wallowing around while you guys do all the PTDD work. I hereby make amends. I'm serious about the t-shirts and keyrings, by the way. Perhaps I should start a mailing list...

    {Cool song, Bibi!}

  6. That is too much, Shell Sherree! {He says feebly trying for an appropriate encomium}. The drawing is marvelous. I don’t see how you could have produced that so quickly.

    Never having been to NY I am not one to say but it seems that The Helmsley Building and the Helmsley Hotel are not far from each other but at different addresses.

    The hotel bathrooms are indeed something even Alexa might approve of.

    I am still gobsmacked at Bibi’s April Fools joke. And I'm wondering if she would like this Simon and Garfunkel song as much as the one she mentioned, even though they are something like 17 blocks apart.

  7. Shell -- and make amends you did! I left a note on your blog, and I love your drawing.
    Picnic on the bridge? Absolutely, if you don't mind your bread & cheese with a side of car exhaust :~}
    Frankly, I'd be more impressed if the Helmsley had a Hell's Kitchen bedroom or a Bowery suite!

    TG & bibi -- I love the pet policy at the Helmsley Hotel (as stated in Wikipedia): Only dogs, 20 pounds or lighter, are permitted in this hotel. Because I'm a copy editor, I need to point out that this is the perfect place for bibi to stay in NYC, but two unnecessary little commas have put it off-limits to humans! (A comma is a surprisingly powerful thing.)

  8. Thank you, TG! And darn me and my haste ~ I stopped searching for The Helmsley when I found The Helmsley Hotel, though your PTDD pic didn't quite seem at home there. Now I understand why ~ thank you for clarifying, TG! And I didn't want Alexa's fave NY PTDD to feel left out, so I've added a Part 2 post.

    And Alexa, I love your observations about the comma. I'm reading 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' at the moment.

  9. {And thank you, Alexa! Sorry, I replied to your comment on my blog then realised I hadn't done likewise here ... and I'm going to sleep now!}

  10. Shell -- we're going to have to start calling you "Quick-Draw McGraw!" (But not because you are a well-known American cartoon character.)

  11. Some nice visual detail on the Helmsley Building here.

    I noticed on the website that the hotel has a Leona suite. Sweet.

  12. I’m just noodling around here. In Alexa’s Bowery link there is a McDonald’s on Bowery between Bayard and Canal, with some Chinese characters identifying it: 麥當勞。The meaning of the characters is: wheat; must; labor. The Mandarin pronunciation is mai, dang, lao. I know: “Yeah, and so?” McDonald’s got a first foothold in China via Hong Kong where Cantonese predominates. In Cantonese the pronunciation of those characters is: mak; dang; lo. That’s more like it.

    So what’s the point of this? In the not so distant future, apart from the golden arches, those characters may be the only way we will have of identifying that eatery. But by that time we will all be into dim sum anyway so you are right, what I have written here is a waste of your time.

  13. That's a cute nickname, Alexa! I like Quick Draw McGraw, so I'm happy to share his moniker.

    Is this the happiest mug shot ever?

    Hello, TG - I was just previewing when I saw you there. My brain is dang low at the moment from staying up late Quick Draw-ing PTDDs {and from the McFlurry I had on the way home}, so your musings are way over my head but I'm sure they are very profound.

  14. Shell, I noticed that mug shot of Leona’s. Really impressive. She must have foreseen something like this that she wanted to avoid.

  15. There was a photo like this at the link Alexa had about the Bowery. At that site someone wondered what the three characters above the entrance meant. So I became curious and found out and wrote what I found above.

    In mainland China, where they simplified many characters after the revolution, those “same” characters look like this.

  16. Tall Gary, ROFL over that 'alternate' mug shot. Never try and dig your burnt toast out of the toaster with a knife, kiddies.

    I find it interesting that those characters have been streamlined. It almost seems like turning them from serif to sans serif.

  17. There are different calligraphic styles which do indeed have serif/non serif contrast but the simplification can be seen more clearly here; or looked at in way too much detail here.

    In the case of his mug shot it’s not appropriate to cast aspersions upon Nick Nolte. He did no such thing. He tried to slurp the toast out by using his tongue.


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