Sunday, April 12, 2009


They had a very nice selection at the Union
Square greenmarket this week.  All the
others featured bad spelling ("Easter lillies,"
"Ester lily"), so I chose these for you. 
 Now I just need to use my two lips 
to wish you a Happy Easter!


  1. happy easter to you too Alexa!
    I love tulips.

  2. My friend shops frequently at Union Square. I imagine she's bought some of these tulips, or perhaps a few Easter lilies.

  3. Tulips and hyacinths - two of my favourites and a very gorgeous photo, Alexa! Happy Easter!

  4. Beautiful colors of flowers.

    Tulips, New York. Tulips, Holland. Holland and New York—Is there a connection? Let’s ask the Chambers Brothers (speaking of Easter Bunnies).

    In case John Lennon’s first wife is watching, I just wanted to say, “Hi ya Cynth.”

  5. Back at'cha, guys.

    And TG -- curious you should choose a Chambers Bros. tune—because the ex and I used to rent the loft next door to us to Lester (one of the Chambers Bros.) and his beautiful wife Lola (on really cold mornings I would knock on their door and hand them baby Kate to keep while I took big sister Lila to nursery school -- p.s., her teacher was Whoopi Goldberg's mom).
    How's that for name-dropping?

  6. Alexa, your name dropping is exceeded only by my jaw dropping. I find all of that so incredibly impressive.

  7. Ouch!!!

    TG's jaw just knocked my umbrella into my head. And understandably so. Most impressive indeed, Alexa!


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