Tuesday, April 21, 2009

you got a problem?

The laptop, with all the photos, won't connect to
the Internet, and the desktop won't upload any more
photos . . . and I have this little blog I'd really like
to post to.
Hey, I have a spare room—maybe some young computer
whiz would like to move in and be my own personal
techie. I do realize that in the grand scheme, mine is
not exactly a tsunami-sized dilemma, but still . . .
(did I mention it's been pouring down rain all day?)


  1. In the 60s we had The Man from Uncle. But it looks like you are in need of a more contemporary guy from this agency.

    Don’t worry about the canine. He’s new. His previous job was as a guard dog for a bank and, unavoidably, he rolled around in a lot of red ink.

  2. Yeah, I know what it's like to be without Internet...that usually happens when I haven't uploaded tomorrow's photo yet... By the way, these 'take-a-number' machines were non-existent here, and still pretty much are. I sure wish they'd catch on...

  3. TG -- and, Lord knows, there's plenty of red ink to roll around in. I'm sure these guys can help me out (and they look almost as pissed as I feel—especially the dog!).
    P.S. -- I did respond to your last comment on yesterday's post.
    omg -- I have to get up in 4 hours. 裏剣

  4. bibi -- I got one of these numbers just tonight, when I went to TekServe (they sell and service computers, especially Apples) to see about my laptop. I was helped by a very nice kid who told me just what to do and made me write it down too. I should have brought him home, of course.

  5. Erk, sorry to hear you've had more little hiccups with the 'puter.

    We only usually have these kinds of ticket machines where the problem is deciding which olives and pastrami one wants to purchase.

    Sorry, TG, I received another 'forbidden' message when I tried your link. Is it me? Do I need to take a number?

  6. Try this one Shell.

    By the way, I think someone may already have your number—Mr. Shell perhaps?

  7. Yay, that one worked for me! I hope they did that digitally, or the poor dog is in for some ribbing at his next visit to the park. At least the other dogs won't be able to see if he's blushing.

    {Mr Shell does have my number, but I always keep a few spots free on my dance card!}

  8. Another, “Yay,” for me, then.


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