Friday, April 10, 2009

Move over, Lance!

Hey, you think he would?
Another gorgeous day like today, and Fury2
(named for the bike I had when I was 10, which
was named for the horse in a '50s TV show) is
coming out of the basement bike storage and
taking me for a nice canter in the park.


  1. It looks like Lance might have trouble *rolling* over right at the moment, considering his collarbone.

    And what is that medical person doing? “You’re hurting? OK, guess which hand the painkiller is in. Wrong guess and it’s no sleep for you. Ha ha.

    “No, no. You have to reach out and touch it with your right hand.”

    Hey, Alexa, I’ll race you with my friend Flicka.

  2. I remember my first bike, and it was blue. I bought little pink tassles to stick into the handlebar grips... And I too followed the adventures of Joey and Fury.

  3. ROFL, Tall Gary! Or perhaps, "Nurse, get the lights, will you? I'm about to start my hand puppet show."

    Certainly looks like a nice day to go for a ride, Alexa! Perhaps you can add some pink tassels for next time.

  4. Where do you get this stuff, TG? Whatever that doc is doing (demonstrating his own special handlebar grip?), poor Lance doesn't look too interested.

    Bibi -- The first time I saw the original Mission Impossible TV show, with Peter Graves as Mr. Phelps, all I could think was, "Hey, that's 'Fury's father'!"

    Shell -- Hey, pink tassles it is. I think Bibi is on to something there. Fury2 is also blue (as was Fury1).


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