Wednesday, April 29, 2009

abc Wednesday — O is for "om"

Not the sort of thing one expects to find
in Italy perhaps—but the savvy glassblowers
on Murano aren't exactly marketing their
wares to the locals. (I like it because it
matches my tattoo.)


  1. I have an om necklace, but no tatoo. I'd probably have bought this 'om,' but perhaps not in b/w.

  2. Tattoo! Can't ever get that right.

  3. Cool! I bought a beautiful blue vase on Murano and carefully brought it back in my hand luggage. It survived for 13 years then someone knocked it over at work and it smashed. I'm sorry to say Om wasn't what I thought when it happened, though I try not to be attached to material possessions.

    Do you really have a tattoo, Alexa???

  4. Shell -- Om wouldn't have been what I thought either, but I feel sorry for the person who broke it. Oops.
    Yes, I have an Om tattoo on my ankle. I did it very spontaneously & surprised even myself. It was about a month after 9/11, & I was in high "what-the-f___, we're all gonna die anyway" mode. But now I really like it.
    How about you—got any art? Or maybe you're aesthetically opposed (as I was once).

  5. Now I wonder what your tattoo is like! Around your ankle? Didn't it hurt?

  6. I recently got a couple of tattoos that signify impermanence.

    I got them right here via a search engine.

    I like the glass OM by Chihully. At least I think it’s there, somewhere.

    Your photograph ain’t no laugh, Alexa. And I ain’t talkin’ trash like some latter-day Ogden Nash, but excuse me if I’m being brash: It’s quite a gas to see such classy glass.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  7. Reader Wil -- did it hurt? In a word, YES! But, hey, I've had babies. The tat was no biggie.

    TG -- OMG, their moms must be so proud! Or, you know, horrified.
    I don't know how Dale Chihully does it, and especially with his vision issues. Amazing.

  8. Oh, wonderful! I'm craving a tat. And I've always been against them. What's happening to me? Maybe you'd post a picture of your tat for t. I love Chihuly, too!

  9. Now I'm keen on a tattoo again - something the very opposite of those scarey ones in TG's links, though. Aieeee. Not for the faint hearted. I have the odd hankering moment - a little teensy something - above my tailbone perhaps... inside a shoulder blade? A kitty cat paw print? A winged heart the size of my little fingernail? Hubby would pass out, but not in a good way! I don't know if I could stand the eternal nature of a tattoo. But then we come back to Om. {I love Tumblewords request: a pic would be nice!}

  10. Personally, I would recommend laying in a supply of temporary, stick-on tattoos (available in “OM”) and refreshing them once a week. After seeing how you feel after a hundred years, if you are OK with it, then, by all means go the needles-in-skin, never-get-rid-of-the-damn-thing route, on someone else’s skin.

  11. That's a very sage recommendation, TG! Washable transfers, it is. I hope I can find some aside from smiley faces and fairy princesses.

    HEY my word verification is skineed!


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