Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nike of Samothrace

AKA "Winged Victory," my all-time favorite
thing in any museum anywhere (if I had to
choose, that is).  There was a time when the
Louvre was free every Sunday, not just once
a month, and I would try to get there every
week, even if all I had time to do was stare
at this for a few minutes.  Maybe that's why
this is my favorite moment from one of my
favorite movies.


  1. Oh. Funny Face. I’m so relieved. I was terrified that it might have been a scene in another movie with Jody Foster and Anthony Hopkins. I decided not to link to that image. Not here. Not now.

    Instead there is this because it’s about time Shell and I dusted off our dancing shoes.

    Just let me put down my bongo drums and take a quick sip of my espresso.

  2. When in the Louvre, I couldn't understand those who rushed down the stairs, walking by the statue, to go and admire Mona Lisa !
    BTW, la Joconde is my biggest disappointment ever when seeing for good a famous piece of art !!

    Does this picture from Paris mean that you cannot stand away from France any longer ? And that you're planning to visit "us" soon ? If so, what a good news !

  3. I was privileged to see her 2 years ago, and I hope it won't be my last time.

  4. I love this statue. & I enjoyed TG's clip too!

  5. Beautiful, Alexa! In addition to PTDDs, I have a soft spot for winged things and this one's rather special.

    TG, I've put on my black skivvy and pants - I had to get some white socks out of the washing basket, but I think I'm ready to go when you are ... {can't do anything about the missing foot or so, though. In height, that is.}

  6. TG and Shell -- you wouldn't be planning to dance without me, would you? Because I even happen to be decked out in full Audrey "dancing in Bohemian Paris cave" garb—right down to the white socks!

    Marylene -- I know what you mean about La Joconde. And all the people crowding around that little painting don't even realize that if they just turned around, they could see Veronese's monumental "Wedding Feast at Cana" on the opposite wall. Dommage. I wish wish wish that I could visit you soon—actually, I'm posting a Paris picture because I can't ;~(

  7. Alexa, just cogitating elevating my skippin’ flippers across the floor orbiting with you two real gone kittens just sends this beatnik’s head spinnin’ and grinnin’. Outasight satellite!

  8. Shell and TG -- well, all reet! 'Cause we are some real hep cats, Daddy-o—almost as cool as these two.

  9. Hey, what's smokin' on their grill?

    Speaking of real gone kittens and hep cats...

  10. Now that’s one crazy pad, Alexa. All the gals and pals looked like they were groovin’ to the movin’ but that cat with the fat guitar and jaw fur was really wailin’ and sailin’. My eyelids rose and my eyeballs froze. He and his pair had me all a-stare.

    Jimmy Dean don’t make links as tasty. Thanks.

  11. Shell, that link of yours is amazing. I just woke from a dream. In the dream there was an emperor-led band of censoring felines that got ahold of a Fritz Lang movie with Peter Lorre and the felines proceeded to burn all at once every bit of the film stock they could find. It was a real—Cat “M”-pyre.

  12. TG, I bow to you yet again - remarkable! {On a very mundane note, that song is one of my favourite 'house cleaning' songs ~ though I sound like I have a furball when I sing the "hello, hello" bits.}


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