Wednesday, April 22, 2009

abc Wednesday — N is for "nice"

Although perhaps "nice" is understating it when
you're welcoming your baby boy home from Iraq!
This is my cousin Beth and her youngest son, Ben.
This was his return home on leave, and now he's
home for good (though he does have to stay in the
Reserves for a few years, so keep your fingers
crossed). It was indeed a VERY nice moment, and
I was so happy to be there for it.


  1. N is for where the entire extended family deserves to serve their holiday together.

    That is so great. And the stories Ben could tell...

  2. TG -- you bet! As my mother always says (I met her in London when I was living in Paris and we picked up her brand new Triumph TR4A convertible—25th anniversary gift from my father— & drove it down there): Nice is nice!

  3. Understandably, your cousin Beth looks like she doesn't want to let go now that she's able to hug her baby boy again. That's lovely, Alexa!

    And yes, Nice is nice! Even more so because it's the only French city I've ever been to - it was a fleeting overnight stay and I saw virtually nothing, but that didn't matter. It was France!

  4. Cool, you picked up the car in London and drove to nice Nice. Somehow I keep getting this image.

  5. TG -- ha! Or, as an alternative, I guess we could have taken the Dover to Calais ferry. Yup, I think that might have worked out better!

  6. Great photo...and what a great day that must have been...glad he's home safely....hope all are back soon...

  7. How "nice" that you included Ben and I in your blog. That picture is still my screen saver on my computer and framed in an 8x10 in my bedroom...I am such a you!

  8. Carol -- what you said!

    Beth -- glad you're pleased (since I didn't ask first, sorry). Love you too! And it makes me happy that my picture is your screensaver. Aaaaw.

  9. How wonderful that he's home! Wonderful!


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