Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Pointz

I hate graffiti, but I love graffiti art. This old
warehouse in Long Island City (in Queens)
is a major mecca for taggers.
(And I took this through the subway window,
which was marked up by a no-talent "scratcher.")


  1. Yep, I love it, Alexa. You are definitely not toying with my ill-conceaved preconceptions now.

    Yet, the artists have taken something that could have been as depressing and grungy as this and come close to transforming it into a cartoony wonderland.

    Maybe my favorite section is the red-orange-yellow; blue-purple stuff to the right a bit from 5 Pointz—as the colored girl goes...

  2. Agree with you. Some of the art is really worth the look.

  3. This example is great ~ though I sometimes struggle to figure out where graffiti ends and graffiti art begins.

    So Alexa, how difficult was it for you not to change your post heading to "5 Points"?

  4. I agree completely. & I find it very annoying to look through marked up windows.

  5. TG -- yet more totally apropos links! Were you thinking that Walk on the Wild Side is a bit like the musical equivalent of good graffiti? Because I do (and I really like that video).

    Shell -- boy, have you ever got MY number! :~D

    Lily -- yeah, that's not art—it's vandalism.

  6. “Walk on the Wild Side” was inspired by the girl (now I see it is girls—plural) to the immediate right of the orangey-purplish area.

    I agree, Alexa, that Is a hot video. So much so that I checked out some of the compiler’s other videos, some of which include her newborn daughter Violet and rock musician husband Serge.

    Hmm. “...a bit like the musical equivalent of good graffiti.” Yeah, that is so it. Thanks for the new concept.

  7. TG -- went back & looked at Monica Bielanko's other videos. Both interesting, though I do wonder what makes someone want to make their life public in that way. As for Lou Reed, not all of those Warhol people were drug-seeking, no-talent hangers on.


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