Saturday, April 11, 2009


The board is belly up, but this guy just
keeps going anyway!  Skateboarding always
looked like fun, but I've never tried it (it also 
looks like a surefire way to break your butt).


  1. Enough for the early run through. I can see that he is doing a great “batterie.”** Now I want to see the dress rehearsal with him in this.

    I always thought skateboarding would be good practice for surfing, yet I have done neither.

    I do wonder how this was acquired from an alternate universe where the laws of physics just don’t seem always to work like those we are familiar with.


  2. Didn’t I mention what a great photo capture that is? The inert skateboard “belly up’ on the ground while Mr. Copacabana is gracefully still dancing through the air. As far as I’m concerned he is today’s top (Copaca) banana. Along with Alexa for bagging that shot.

  3. Or is he trying to get back to Kansas? Great candid shot, Alexa!

    After watching TG's link, I'm shattered. Here I was believing that Marty McFly was the best skateboarder of all time. Who knew?

  4. Ha! That's a safe way to skateboard...

  5. TG -- ballet, yes! I thought so too, but this guy isn't nearly as graceful as young Becky.

    And Shell -- Marty McFly IS the best skateboarder of all time!

    bibi -- LOL

  6. Shell, yes, Kansas! Or maybe he’s psyching himself up before coming up to bat at a game of stickball.

  7. Ah, I knew I could count on you for a link, TG!


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