Monday, April 20, 2009

園 *

* Which, as some people probably already know,
means garden.  This is the lovely, tranquil
Japanese garden that's set within the Brooklyn
Botanic Garden.  It's one of my favorite places
in any season, but right now—wow!


  1. Love place to walk, meditate....photograph!

  2. TG -- Thanks for the link. Those women are so graceful playing those (to me) unfamiliar instruments. I got a little confused whenever the drums came in though—wondered if our friend Coltrane was there, hiding behind a shoji screen.

  3. Yes, where is Coltrane these days? We here, and perhaps especially you, always look forward to and enjoy his comments.

    Below, I attempted a translation of that song, but there is an instrumental version here, as well. That is, if it happens to be your cup of tea...

    Cherry blossoms,
    Cherry blossoms,
    Dazzling dancing scattered cherry-blossom colors,
    Open my heart.

    Within the moonlight your face,
    Floated and disappeared,
    I will wait and wait in that park,
    Searching for the shadow of your waving hand and yet...

    A wind at some time,
    Will brush my cheek,
    And convey the essence of Spring, won’t it?

    Rows of cherry trees glow with a green light,
    And the blossoms shine with a brilliance that softly illuminates the evening.

    I am separated from you.
    I will follow after you.
    And search for that moon we gazed at,

    Together, we two,
    In the past, holding each other in our arms,
    Evoking humid fireworks.
    “Dancing petals of cherry blossoms, like the tears of Spring,”
    You taught me.

    Like the brilliant shining of cherry blossoms,
    Within the wind, let’s live our lives.

    The moon is full, isn’t it?
    The sky is far, far away.
    Ah, it is shining with brilliance.

    Under these cherry trees I have the same thoughts,
    As I linger here.

    Passing beyond the present, let our two shadows,
    Softly, one upon the other, join together.

    Thought I might throw in a bit of a more traditional version of the Japanese folk song Sakura. If there was any music playing in the Japanese garden at BBG this would be it.

  4. If not this with one of my teachers. (The composer is actually Michio Miyagi).

  5. TG -- wow. Absolutely my cup of tea, and the translation is beautiful. Arigatou gozaimasu. (When I'm riding a crowded subway train, I often listen to a recording of Tibetan monks chanting "om." Seems like this would work just as well to take me to that zen place.)
    And which one of those people was your teacher? Does that mean you play one of those instruments?
    As for Coltrane, he's around. I think he's just very busy, with limited time for blogging. He does show up at PDP (but that's the blog equivalent of coming home to Mom (or rather, Dad).

  6. {“The flute,” he says shyly}.

    The date of the composition is closer to 1929. The harp was a Chinese version but when I saw who was on there I decided to link to that.

    Funny that you should talk of crowded subways. I was feeling nostalgic moments ago and checked out the line I used at the station closest to work. But you have already seen the likes of that. A minute of Shibuya Crossing can be fun though.


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