Friday, April 24, 2009

love is in the air

Pollen too, no doubt—but they don't care!
It's amazing I got this photo, considering
the hordes of people in the immediate
vicinity.  But this was such a private little
moment in the midst of all that.  Well, I
guess it's not so private now.


  1. And I love this picture !
    Amazing colors ! Photoshop perhaps ? I'm kidding !!!
    In French we say "les amoureux sont seuls au monde" and you proved it. Chapeau !!

  2. Merci beaucoup, Marylene! (et, je promets, pas de photoshop—il est comme il est, ce photo)

  3. Are those pedal pushers she’s wearing? I guess I’m still back in the 50s.

    I think this couple would love to see or have this photo as a memento, even if for that one moment.

    Marylène’s comment is as lovely as the image.

  4. Yes, a lovely observation, Marylène.

    Ooh la la - did it go for 25 minutes with a cigarette at the end, Alexa?

    Love is in the Air ... I think we need a soundtrack again, though I'm bringing you into the 70s, TG.

  5. Shell -- where do you think this is—Paris? ;~}
    Nice link (and nice T-shirt, John Paul)! Thanks—

    TG -- pedal pushers? In this instance, more like "petal" pushers. I remember my mom wearing those in the '50s, and I think maybe they're back (let's face it, there are no new ideas).


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