Friday, October 24, 2008


Took these shots in Murano (the man who 
delivers the all-important bubble wrap), 
Venice (a guy who's very much at home on his boat), 
Florence (a waiter with a great face), 

and Siena (I couldn't walk in those shoes 
on cobblestones if you paid me!).


  1. The waiter cracks me up. Is he worried the order isn't right? Something crawling on the edge of the bowl? Remembering how much he hates that dish?

    As for the heels, not ever again, anywhere. And in steep-sided Siena!? She must be Italian.

  2. elaine -- the waiter managed to look like that even when he was smiling.
    Shoe girl was gorgeous, btw—and with a guy who definitely was "that into her"!

  3. There's a David Letterman joke in picture number 2. Something about squirrels using the sun to warm their nuts...

    It's late, I should go now...


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