Friday, October 3, 2008

463 steps to the top

Heading for Florence. We'll drop the bags, head to
Trattoria ZaZa for some of those artichokes that
they marinate for about 3 months, then make the
climb up to the top of Brunelleschi's dome (so worth
the effort for the view from up there). 

I love how they placed this 
statue of him so he's always
looking up at his masterpiece.


  1. I've been to that Duomo, but never made the climb. I'm kind of a chicken. How marvelous that you know these cities so well!

  2. I'm enjoying your trip! I don't think the statue's looking at his dome; I think he's wondering how to install an elevator!

  3. Bibi...too funny! I love those artichokes too! Missing you Alexa around the blog block, but know you're having the time of your life.


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