Thursday, October 30, 2008

church talk

I can't go into an Italian church without lighting
a candle—or taking a picture.  I found beauty in all 
of these: the candles in the Gesuiti in Venice,
the gilded ceiling of the basilica San Marco,
 the dome of St. Peter's in Rome,
 Titian's Assumption over the altar in 
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice,

and the filigreed window of a 
small church in the Cinque Terre.


  1. The churches we saw in Italy were all so beautiful. I was constantly amazed at the amount of decoration there. That window is gorgeous.

  2. The churches in Europe were so incredibly ornate and packed with the very finest efforts the artists and craftsmen could create, that it was almost enough to seduce me into the religion. I guess that was part of the idea.

  3. I am also intrigued by churches in Europe, especially Gothic cathedrals with all their gargoyles, intricate carvings, etc.

  4. I'm always willing to climb up in the towers of Notre Dame, just for the closeup view of the stryga and the gargoyles (and to be near the bells when they toll).

  5. Alexa...nice camera work inside and outside of the cathedrals. Poor lighting in the French cathedrals didn't improve upon my poor photographic skills. You had better fortune with these. Speaking of the enchanting chimeras and gargs atop la Notre Dame Cathedral, did you ever notice the tiny seashells imbedded in their compositions? I don't know why that fascinated me at the time...trivia buffs would appreciate it perhaps. ;-) Ciao.

  6. coltrane -- seashells in the creatures atop ND?? Boy, you ARE observant! Well, now I guess I'm just going to have to go back to Paris to see for myself. Gee, thanks a LOT! (No, really—curiosity is now piqued.)


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