Thursday, October 23, 2008

lock up your love

They're trying to stop couples from doing this
on the Ponte Vecchio, so the lovers have moved
a bit upstream to the Ponte alla Grazie to keep
the tradition going (you write your names on the
lock and toss the key in the water). 

Of course, in the Cinque Terre, on the Via dell'Amore,
 they're all for the lucchetti d'amore—and 
have set up a special place for them.


  1. I'm drowning in all the romance afloat here. :-) Don't you just love the thought that went into this. I guess taking one of my old high school combination locks wouldn't quite do the job...or would it? ;-)

  2. coltrane -- all locks accepted, even the one from the bike you rode around on in elementary school!
    Although you ARE supposed to throw the key away—how would that work exactly with a combination lock?

  3. Forgetting the combination is like throwing away the key, isn't it, Alexa? :-)

  4. I can tell you two really enjoyed your trip. I have been really enjoying your pictures!

  5. from cali --
    Not something (forgetting, that is) that would be difficult for me!
    And good point—got that, coltrane? Your mission . . .
    aaw, just get yourself to the Cinque Terre and go for it! (And enjoy the hiking, wine, pesto, etc. etc. while you're there.)

  6. lily -- oh yeah, we sure did! I highly recommend it.
    (and I'm so glad you've enjoyed our voyage).

  7. I can't wait to go back and see all your trip photos!! I still can't believe that we were less than 50 miles apart in Italy at one point. Oh well! From what I can tell it looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  8. katie -- and from what I can tell, so did you!
    Yes, so close and yet . . . (next time for sure eh?)

  9. There was a woman in Concordia Saggitaria blogging for a while, and she explained that the practice came from a teen love movie of about a decade ago. Little did the filmmakers know...


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