Saturday, October 25, 2008

street shrines

These are everywhere. According to one of my daughter's
Florentine profs, they exist simply to remind you to pray.


  1. Mary wasn't emphasized in my Methodist upbringing, but she seems to represent motherly reassurance in our suffering, and has a lot of intercessional pull with the Big Guy, without being so unimaginable. Talk to Mary, and she'll put the right spin on things in the Corner Office. *wink*wink* I mean, if you're Catholic and all...

  2. I vote for Mosaic Mary. But the stuff in the brown vase has seen better days.

  3. These remind me of the little roadside memorial Greek Orthodox churches (small versions of real churches) that you find many places in Greece. Some are very elaborate, and even if you do not know the person for whom it was dedicated (I imagine these were perhaps victims of automobile accidents, but am not sure), you may light a candle and pray.

    Lovely posts.

  4. Thanks, Bibi.
    Elaine -- I like mosaic Mary too—she's on Murano, so they're probably glass mosaics.

  5. I'm surprised by the first shrine, representing the icon of "Our Lady of the Sign." This representation of the Theotokos is mostly venerated in Russia, although it first found in Rome.

    I love Byzantine iconography, as you well know, so I have to vote for picture #1.

    "...More honorable than the Cherubim and more glorious without compare than the Seraphim, without corruption thou gavest birth to God the Word: true Theotokos, we extol thee!"


  6. Hi Alexa! Sorry it has taken me so long to find time to peruse your blog (too busy with work since I got your note), but now I've been enjoying your Italy pictures immensely. I also love these small shrines wherever I find them in the world. . . and I have a picture of the same shrine from Murano! (It's not on my web site yet though -- I haven't gotten a chance to backfill trips yet :-(

    Wish I could have come to NYC to meet you all at the PDP party. It sounds like you took good care of Eric and had a great time.

    Enjoy your lovely fall weather while it lasts - winter has arrived in Minnesota.


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