Sunday, October 12, 2008

coming in for a landing (i.e., back to reality)

This is obviously not the plane we flew back from
Italy in (it's symbolic, okay?). I am clairvoyant, I guess,
because we DID have a fantastic time.  I'll share some
actual photos of this trip, only not now, since it's
about 4 AM Italy time and I've been up for almost
24 hours.  But I couldn't go to bed without saying
thanks to all of you who showed up even though I
wasn't really here (haven't looked at a TV or a
computer in 2 weeks, and I missed all my blog pals!)

Coltrane, kimosabe—sorry about the Cubs, but
at least you have a groovy tie! (Looks good on you.)

uselaine—if you go to Italy, you should definitely go
to the Cinque Terre for some hiking (and the best pesto
in the world, btw). Steves first went there a LONG time ago
as a backpacking student (my brother has known him
for years and tells me he really IS a great guy).

marylene—you should go too, for your 30th anniversary.
I can't imagine a more romantic place (except for Venice).
And Venice remains surprisingly (or not) the same
from the '70s to today (one of the things I love about it).

from cali—the lamps in Venice are indeed flatteringly pink.
(and coltrane, when the tunneling plan failed, Casanova
escaped by slipping an iron saw (hidden in a cake) to the priest
in the nearby cell, and they actually left by the main staircase
and walked right out the front door!

bibi—the Venetain fish got filleted by the guy in 
the market and grilled by us -- yum!

lily—so what IS your fave LI restaurant?

rose—I love hotel bars (they're incredibly sexy) and actually
considered going to the Molino Stucky Hilton -- but we had
a fabulous "pub local" directly below our apartment, and
made friends with the owners and other "locals." BTW, have
been to Venice at leat 30 times, and I agree: I wouldn't be
caught dead in Harry's Bar (or in a gondola).


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  2. Glad you made back home safely.
    and that you had such a wonderful trip.
    But now you should have a nice cup of coffee, sit on a comfortable couch, take a deep breath and, just like into some very cold water, carefully get into the "wonderful" news you missed ! Lucky you !

  3. So glad you are back, Alexa! What magic you found in Italy. I had forgotten about the escape so thanks for that information. Just got back from a gig so am tired. I wanted to wander in though just to send my wishes your way. I'll no doubt be chatting with you tomorrow...or soon anyway...after you're rested. Oh, and we did leave the light on for you folks. LOL! Ciao for now!

  4. :) i'm so glad that you are back, Alexa!!:) I might just have a very tiny surprise for the end of today!:) missed you!:)
    but, i'm sure you are going to begin your visits again (to bombay) with a smile!:)

  5. Welcome home, Alexa.

  6. All your scheduled posts worked like a dream, but I wonder how far you wandered from your own script. Sweet dreams.

  7. It is Verona in Farmingdale.
    So glad you are home safely. Can't wait to see more photos from Italy! It must have been sheer heaven.


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