Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the birds

I've mentioned that the city of Venice has (wisely) outlawed
the feeding of pigeons in Piazza San Marco. Yet they still
 live there fat and cozy—mainly thanks to deluded people like 
these folks who actually think it's fun to have these 
birds sit on them and have no idea they could be 
heading back home with a serious case of pigeon lice.


  1. Pigeon lice? Say no more...I'm outta here.;-) OMG that would be awful. You see, it is good to know about these little things in life that can be such a nuisance when one travles...and I'm not just talking about the tourists. Bidda Boom! Have a great Wednesday Alexa.

  2. *travels (other way was Old English spelling no doubt)

  3. Glad for them that no case of bird flu (?) has ever been recorded in Italy ! At least I think ...

    I've been living in Paris for 5 years 25 years ago and I still HATE pigeons !
    Especially the ones that were having their bath in the gutter just above my bed on a Sunday morning !

  4. Oy vey... Pigeon lice!
    I have an old photo of my husband & I on our honeymoon in the Piazza surrounded by pigeons. Thankfully none of them landed on our heads!

  5. Eee-yew. Is that for SURE? I never had a pigeon on my head, nor wish one there, but that's awful.

    But your photos are great, of the oblivious tourists.

  6. Okay, I cannot tell a lie: I don't really know whether Venetians pigeons have lice or not—I only assume so, because New York pigeons most definitely DO.
    I'm fond of birds, but hate pigeons too, Marylene. And my daughter Lila is downright phobic about them. Can you tell I think these people are nuts?

  7. Ewww! Pigeon lice! Never heard of it but still, gross.

    I never really liked pigeons anyway. They are all over NYC and they soil everything in sight.


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