Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the doge ate my homework

Always wanted to say that (it was the caption
of a cartoon in the New Yorker). We're taking
a behind-the-scenes tour of the doge's
palace this morning. You get a real sense of the
machinations that went on in those rooms,
visit Casanova's cell up under the lead roof (hot
in summer, cold in winter), and see how he escaped.


  1. This is another fabulous post...
    Are you going to tell us how Casanova escaped or do I have to go all the way to Venice and get a behind the scenes tour? How do you get one of those anyway?

  2. Are the shades of the lamp post pink/violet? I love them!

    Did a woman help Casanova to escape? ;-)

  3. I think Casanova escaped with the help of a monk in an adjoining cell. They dug two tunnels and made their great escape. Interestingly, Casanova had already dug one tunnel in the previous cell he was in, and then he was moved to a nicer cell. He had to start over again with the tunneling. Sounds like my luck. Funny title, Alexa, and beautiful doge!


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