Monday, October 27, 2008

my favorite Venetians

I've never ridden in a gondola (except for the 
traghetto, which you ride in standing up, 
just to cross the Grand Canal).  But I'm 
fascinated by the gondolieri, who ply a trade
like no other.  Not such an easy job, and they have to
drum up their own business.  And a gondola needs
to be very well cared for if it's to last.


  1. Charming really and I imagine hard work too. Visually memorable. Ever see one of them tip over into the canal...the gondolas not the gondoliers? That one gondola in your photo looks too packed for my taste in comfort. Must have been serving the gondolier discount special that day. ;-) Hope you are well my friend.

  2. The first photo is a classic. I love it!!


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