Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Il Latini

Back to Florence, and maybe we'll reward ourselves
for all that hiking with a meal at Il Latini. It's always
a mob scene, but always fun. No menu,
they just bring a bunch of good stuff (and a big jug
of chianti to share with whoever happens to be at
the table with you (you'll be friends by the end of
the meal). After you eat a steak the size of your
head, they'll top off your meal with a glass of
vin santo and some cantucci for dipping.


  1. I just had some of that cantucci at my favorite Italian restaurant in LI!

  2. A definite must stop on my intinerary should I happen to drop by that spot on the planet one day. I'm sure you toasted a few of us following your adventure, too. :-) you like my new tie in my new profile? I do. ahem!

  3. Oh, slurp. I love to eat, and that sounds just like my kind of place.
    Mouth-watering photo! Or is it thirst-quenching?

  4. That sounds like an easy place to love. 8^)


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