Wednesday, October 29, 2008


At the get-together with Eric tonight, I met a NYC
blogger named Mame, who told me about a blog
she loves: by a guy in Scotland who puts up
pictures of boats, just boats.   I'll have to find
it and check it out; meanwhile, I'm inspired.


  1. So many gorgeous pictures !
    I could say that every day, at every post, all your pics look "inspired".
    I can feel the joy you had when taking them, the feeling that you weren't taking them just for you but with the intention of sharing with us.
    Thank you so much.
    And nice also to see you "for real" on Eric's blog. Seems you were having a great time. You will have to take upon yourself that you made so many people jealous !!!! LOL.

  2. The boats suspended in a turquoise sea, with their shadows cast on the clean sand below - my favorite. It looks like water you could actually swim in. A lovely assemblage.

  3. Thank you so much for organizing our lovely evening last night.
    I see you have been in Venice!
    Lucky you.

  4. You must have had an amazing trip. I love the pictures of the boats that you saw. Thanks so much for organizing us last night!!! That was such fun and good to see everyone. I hope we do it again soon!

  5. The last photo is amazing. The color of the water is so beautiful.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys!
    Marylene -- can I tell you how much I hated that picture of me on Eric's blog? Oh well -- and I'm willing to to live with making many people envious!
    It was a pleasure to organize the get-together, and especially to meet Eric and see everyone from the NYC blog community.

  7. Alexa...just came from gig. This is a cool array of boats and the water looks heaven sent. As to your photo on rocks! Merci for your efforts. I'm back to writing now...whew! (Actually, editing is more like it.)

  8. You have the most beautiful smile!

  9. coltrane -- editing? I empathize (especially if you're editing yourself).

    elaine -- awww, thanks!


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