Tuesday, October 21, 2008

9 hours in Rome

Hey, you can do a lot in 9 hours, especially if you and your
big bro are the two speediest people on the planet. 
Here's a sampling: Buzz through the Vatican, 

check out your fellow tourists (and a random
gladiator) in front of the Pantheon,

toss a coin (to guarantee a return to Roma) 
into the Trevi Fountain, 

then commune with the hottie Roman riot polizia
(I asked the cute one on the end what the demonstration 
was about and he said, "E contro il racismo" (it's against
racism).  So I said, "Hey, I'm against racism too" (in Italian, of
course) and he gave me a smile and a sexy Roman shrug.


  1. Britons would call you "cheeky". A cheeky, chic, chick, I say.

  2. ooh, elaine -- you made my day!

  3. What about a sexy Roman hug?

  4. from cali -- maybe later, when he's not wearing all that protective equipment!

  5. Yeah, that is practicing safe sex to an extreme!

  6. I think I am going to watch Roman Holiday after this post. I'm a sucker for Audrey anyway. ;-)

  7. you guys slay me!
    coltrane -- that movie is still my fave for getting into Rome mode. (Not to take anything away from Federico, of course! )


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