Sunday, October 26, 2008

hiking in the Cinque Terre

We did hikes at all levels—mostly easy and intermediate
in my case, but one day my brother David and his friend Cory
took off on a straight up, straight down killer (imho) hike. Cory's
wife, Lori (yes, that's right, Cory and Lori—great people)
and I took the (sort of) low road—thank you, Lori!


  1. If they actually have easy routes, I might consider it. I love the ledge blasted out of the rock.

  2. Oh, this is lovely. I'm with your brother...straight [up] no chaser. erph! ;-) This really is my kind of a trek. I love hiking and the views are magical. Sorry I haven't been commenting daily...I've been extremely busy trying to finish a literary project.

  3. elaine -- they do, they do.

    coltrane -- don't apologize (though you know I love your comments). You should certainly come here to hike some day—if the views aren't reward enough, you can chow down on the world's best pesto (seriously) when you're done, then be lulled to sleep by the sea air and the sound of the surf.

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