Monday, October 13, 2008

that room (with a view)

I showed you this room (on 10/7), from an
old issue of Conde Nast Traveler.  But I did
manage to book this very room (no mean
feat), and here it is—more or less as captured
by the CNT photog (who was, I now 
know, standing on the bed)

 . . . and seen from the trail (after a
1- to 2-hour hike from Monterosso
al Mare, the next village up the coast).


  1. Hello Alexa !
    I discover Your blog... Very nice !
    I'll come again for read others texts, and look others photos...
    See You later.

  2. Vous parlez français ???
    Je mets mes commentaires en français ou en anglais ???
    A bientôt...

  3. I thought it was the same photo! Amazing. It is a beautiful view.

  4. As Cali points out, it is a beautiful view. I appreciate the background information that went into getting the photo, too! You are always working for us, Alexa! :-) Glad you're back!

  5. from cali & coltrane -- thanks (see, I can stand on a bed too).

    webradio -- d'habitude, les gens qui viennent ici font leurs commentaires en Anglais, mais Francais ou Anglais, ca m'est bien egal (et je suis au bureau, ou il n'y'a pas d'accents).

  6. How great is that? The view is indeed amazing.


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