Saturday, October 4, 2008

Roman millennia

Here just for the day, so I can show David the highlights.
We'll head for the Vatican, then walk back to the train
station via Campo dei Fiore, Piazza Navona, a couple of
churches for their Caravaggios, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain,
Spanish Steps, Campidoglio for a great view of the forum . . .
(with pasta and gelato at my fave places along the way).


  1. I was just to write the same thing as Coltrane, what else to say ?
    Maybe that you could have done your Roman one day trip on a scooter to be even more in the "ambiance" ?
    You inspired me ! Reading your posts and seeing your pictures makes me think that our next 30 th wedding anniversary trip next year might be in Italy !!!!
    Or in New York !!!


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