Friday, October 17, 2008

real food

So you go to the market (which we did in Venice,
because we had an apartment with a great kitchen)
and buy fresh fish (I ask them to fillet it)
or chicken (I ask them to take the head off --!!) 

and maybe zucchini blossoms (fabulous fried in a light
then sprinkled with just a tiny bit of sugar).

Wash it all down with Prosecco and follow 
it up with fresh fruit—perfection!


  1. Wise choice, doing without the head. Wise choice.

  2. uselaine -- LOL! A visit to an Italian butcher is almost enough to turn you into a vegetarian on the spot. The meat is just so . . . recognizable. (I do believe that's Little Bunny FooFoo there next to the chickens.)

  3. I've never had zucchini blossoms before. I will have to try it the next time I see it on the menu.

    Your photos are a foodie's dream.

  4. Hungarian butchers gleefully put whole pig's heads out for sale. And people buy them. To eat.

  5. Note to self: Stay out of Hungarian butcher shops!


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