Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rialto market

Have been coming to this market for years to 
admire the fish. This time we're staying
in an apartment, so we can actually buy one,
take it home, and cook it. And maybe 
make some stuffed zucchini flowers too. Yum.


  1. Hi, Alexa. I like this photo. I ate some fish yesterday; bought it from a fellow who grills it fresh for you. Waiting to hear what you do with your fish!

  2. Excellent shot here Alexa. You mange to make them look very edible without remainding you that they are dead fish!

  3. If you are still in Venice one of the nicest place to see it is from Hilton Molino Stucco bar. It opens at 7ish. It is open to non resident customers and it is a view to die for. Get the free ride from San Marco.

  4. Alexa, I think I'd take Rose's advice, but you've been to Venice so many times, you can walk(swim/paddle) into a bar and say, "So, set'em up Joe. I got a little story you oughta know..." and be served the regular. Of course, it helps if you can tap too! Hope you're enjoying the sights and sounds as much as the fish. :-)

  5. Here I was... thinking that you were an occasional visitor to Venice!
    Thanks for telling me Coltrane before I told Alexa to not set foot inside Harry's Bar; try the Venetian bean soup; etc


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