Monday, September 1, 2008

West Indian Day Parade

This parade always takes place on Labor Day, here in 
Brooklyn, and it ends about a block from my house. 
By the time the dancers reach this point, 
they're pretty worn out.


  1. Carnival in Brooklyn! For a moment there, I thought the Yankee fans had really lost it! It's cool that Mardi Gras comes to you, Alexa. That's the way it should be. Reading about some of the violence at some of your recent parades, however,reminds me of my first Mardi Gras experience in Mobile, Alabama (1987)where a shooting took place during the festivities. I was a bit jumpy at parades after that. Of course, our little entourage then headed to New Orleans where even if there was gunfire, we certainly didn't hear it or could not. Your photo rocks axelA! !yad taerg a evaH...snikwaH nehpetS

  2. Speaking of New Orleans. I do hope they get the help they need to pick up the pieces this time. Many of my friends from N.O. have moved away. Can't say I blame them. Looks like another blaster in the wake of Gustav may be making its way up the Eastern coast towards you.

  3. coltrane (or Nehpets) -- There were cops all OVER the place at this parade. Pretty rough crowd, too. I had to go somewhere on the subway as the crowd was leaving—and it wasn't fun, to say the least.
    Maybe the next president will move things along in N.O. (though I doubt it).

  4. How cool is that? You can just set a chair outside your apartment and watch the parade from there.


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