Sunday, September 14, 2008

Indian summer

We're having a bit of a heat wave this weekend.
But some of us know how to keep our cool here
on the terrace of the Brooklyn Public Library.


  1. So cute and so full of life !!

    I am more and more convinced that you have been "contaminated" and that, now, you wander on the streets of New York on your scooter with your camera "prêt à bondir", LOL !

  2. marylene -- je suis, comme tu dit, jamais sans l'appareil! Is there a name for this new affliction? Blogitis, I suppose. But there is no scooter. Unlike Eric, I must get around on foot and via metro.

    coltrane -- I know! But you live with cuteness like this, no?

  3. You know what? That was what I felt like doing this afternoon -- sit on a cooling spray of water.

    Wish I was 3 again and can get away with doing anything I want.

  4. The last photo is cute and hilarious!


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