Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rasta man

No, really—have you EVER seen such
serious dreads? I'm impressed.
You can't tell from the photo, but
this guy is fairly old. I'll bet he hasn't
cut his hair since Nixon was in office!


  1. Incroyable! I'd worry about getting the dreads caught in subway, taxi, bus doors, not to mention elevators and escalators...and then there are bicycle spokes. Ouch! Guess that's why I don't wear 'em.

    "Nixon administration"...good one, Alexa! LOL!!!
    I must admit that I do think they are cool looking though. But the care has got to be insane. The possibilities of serious injury would keep me awake at night. That's why I'm more of a, how do you say, "Pastafarian" I won't kid you, Alexa, it can be a little messy with the tomato sauce, but altogether it is a much easier clean up. ;-)

    Say, that's too bad about Sleepy and Gustave...speaking of insane, eh? What's with the weather? Perhaps Mother Nature's countering all the hot air she heard at the RNC (otherwise known as the "Nursing Convention"). BIDDA BOOM!

    That's okay, Alexa, I'm sure I'll take a few political hits for saying that. However, many of my Republican family members barely tolerate me anyway. I'm used to it! SHAZZAM!

    You have a greatabulous week! ;-)

  2. Someone should tell him the story of Isadora Duncan and her scarf that killed her when stepping on a train !!!
    I think dreads are one of the least sexiest things I ever saw.

  3. une des choses les moins sexy (not sure how to tell it in English).

  4. I had the same thought about hair this long being potentially dangerous.
    coltrane -- you won't take any political hits from me, that's for sure—and I too have a few Republican relatives (lovely people except for that though). They're still rolling their eyes because I voted for Hillary for senator. Have a super week yourself.

    marlene -- I believe Isadora's scarf got caught in the wheel of her car. De toute facon, pas jolie!
    Et c'est la meme en anglais: moins sexy = less sexy. Ca depend un peu, but I'm inclined to agree with you about dreads.

  5. Now, I can die in peace. I have seen everything!!!


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