Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red Hook

Was here last night at Red Hook Bait and Tackle
(cool funky bar but avoid the beer on tap) to see
The Lone Sharks. Public transportation hardly reaches
this neighborhood, which—like so many in Brooklyn—
is up and coming. Fortunately I got a lift from Maria
(in the blue shirt), in her vintage '66 Mustang (!).
And you can catch the free Ikea ferry from lower
Manhattan (but only when the new Ikea store here is open).
BTW, the name Red Hook comes from the original
Dutch name Roode Hoek—red point. Al Capone was from here, 
and so is James McBride, who wrote The Color of Water.


  1. your friends look like a fun group.
    & I LOVED The Color of Water! McBride gave a talk at our library last year and he was an amazing speaker.

  2. A cool venue.
    Am I the only one who thought "The Color of Water" was over-rated?

  3. This does look like a fun group as Lily H points out. I love your friends white boots (and vintage ride no doubt),too. Bet you all had a good time with the Lone Sharks kicking it. Al Capone, eh? Yeah, I guess the Red Hookers were too tough on him so he came over to my Illinois neighborhood...he must have wondered at some point "Why in the hell did I ever leave Red Hook?"

  4. Looks like fun times!

    I recently met some friends for dinner at the Columbia Street Waterfront District, north of Red Hook. It's such an interesting neighborhood.

  5. James McBride also wrote the excellent book "Miracle at St. Anna" which, incidentally has been made into a movie by Spike Lee and it opens on Friday (to mediocre reviews) but I will go see it regardless. By the way, the white boots and the mustang are mine!!!!


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