Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer is NOT over!

I agree with Eric at PDP, and so do this lady
and her annoying feathered friends.  I thought
I was ready for autumn, but not quite yet.


  1. Alexa, talk about concentration. She's not phased at all by those crazy gulls. I'm hoping you're title is right...let's wish and make it come true...SUMMER IS NOT OVER! :-)
    Glad you survived Gustave.

  2. tut tut... that is not the best way to get a good tan...

  3. It was nice and cool on Sunday but the heat came back on Monday. :-(

    You, Virginia and Abe Lincoln got me all curious about Peyton Place. :-)

    Now I'll have to track down a copy to read it.

  4. thanks I dont want it to end either!!


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