Sunday, September 28, 2008

mass at San Marco

Plan to catch a mass Sunday morning at
the basilica. To be honest, it's the best way
to see the church without having to stand
on an interminable line to get in. And it's
fun to try to follow along in Italian.

If the campanile is open (not sure because
they're in the process of shoring it up;
apparently it's begun listing to starboard),
would like to be up there at noon when all
the bells ring. It is loud, but it's beautiful.


  1. Hey, a girls got to do what a girls got to do!
    I wish I were here as well. What a great shot of the bell.

  2. I took in a few masses at Notre Dame and at St Sulpice in Paris, and I soon realized how far I need to go to grasp the French language. It's great practice though and gives one a sense of community through the mass. Enjoy your Sunday.

    Yesterday, I spent five hours playing jazz in the hot sun with no shade or cloud cover. I'm chillin' today since I have no energy left. Plus, I've got a blister the size of George Washington's head (not the quarter but Mt Rushmore) on my left hand. Your brother will relate to this. ;-)

  3. What a lovely setting for a mass. Makes the mass go by faster. ;-)

    Coltrane: The only mass I attended in Paris was at the St-Germain Church and it was in Spanish! My first French mass was in San Francisco. I've led a confusing life.

  4. Cali...that's too funny! I wonder why things seem to "list to starboard" or just plain "lean" in Italy? Any ideas? ;-) [Hey, I grew up in an Italian neighborhood and heard all the BAD jokes...sorry.]

  5. Coltrane: I like BAD jokes, puns and corn in general. Keep em coming.


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