Thursday, September 18, 2008

sign me up

Don't know what this is really about,
so I'll just take it as a personal sign (so
to speak), and say, "It's about time!"


  1. Alexa, it is HOPEFUL, so please "sign me up" too. I'm on board widya! BTW...merci for sending the Garcia. I forgot to mention that on PDP. I can't wait. My students have also been alerted, so I promised to wear it for them. Should be fun. As Tony the Tiger used to say, "Yooouu'rrree GREEEAAAAT!" :-)

  2. coltrane -- we should all have it pointed out for us like this, don't you think?
    (Hope Jerry doesn't disappoint. Wait, I forgot . . . success is near—in tie choosing and all else—so no worries!)

  3. It certainly is a happy go lucky sign!

  4. Amen to that, sister!

  5. yes, that is a great idea to think that way, why not, right?


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