Saturday, September 6, 2008

the Shadow knows

Sunset, West Village.
This is what happens when you no longer
go anywhere without a camera, constantly
asking yourself "Where's the photo?"
(And where IS Tall Gary, I wonder?)


  1. Alexa, where is the Tall G-Man?Say, this photo is the one I always wanted to take but never had my camera handy. Bravo! As a kid walking my dog in the early morning hours before school, I would come upon these long shadows and imagine I'd stepped into a world of giants...and had become one of them and my dog, a large beastly creature. Funny what takes one back to those days of imagination. Now I have my own 4 year old making similar imaginary observations as we walk the park pathways and meet Mr Sun.

    On another blue note: how was Sleepy? Cool concert no doubt, and I bet fun for your brother and his band. Have a great today!

  2. One more observation, Alexa. How did you and your shadow take this photo without showing the shadow with the camera to the eye? Clever.

  3. TG needs a blog where we can leave prods for him.

    I've heard models must be long of leg, and you've said that was among your myriad moments, but this truly explains why artists sought you out. Positively expressionist!

  4. coltrane -- what a poetic comment! The secret to the nonexistent camera is a swing-up LCD screen—you can hold the camera at your waist, like an old Rolleiflex. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch Sleepy's show(s), partly due to the arrival here of Gustave. Instead I went to the Internet Black Hole that is my mom's house and just got back to log on now.

    uselaine -- it's not that the legs are actually so long. I just have a really short body.

  5. I like how you have captured the shadow here and I really like how you have this amazing perspective thing going on in this shot as well. Cool.


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