Wednesday, September 24, 2008

in the house that Ruth built

Couldn't let this week go by without a nod
to Yankee Stadium. This was taken on
Mickey Mantle Day, circa 1960-something.
One of these guys was the baseball commissioner,
I believe.  And Joltin' Joe and our own Senator Kennedy
were looking on.  [The Joe Mickey signed this for was my
dad (the dude on the bike); he worked with the
Yankees (on the broadcast end) all during the '60s.]


  1. WAY TOO COOL! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this bit of Yankee and family history. Unbelievable. And I used to think I was a bigshot for having a 1940s Joe DiMaggio pin. I'm in awe of this photo. Your dad was around THESE guys? (not to mention a Kennedy too) What a photo! I guess I've sounded my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the Bronx and Brooklyn (and I'm not even Billy Crystal)! Don't let him find out. BTW...when are you planning to leave for Venice? I've something to send you, but I can hold on sending till you return.

  2. coltrane -- I knew you'd like this! (You should see our collection of autographed baseballs, including 2 DiMaggios.)
    Leaving on Friday, back on Oct. 11. But I'm posting ahead, so there will be stuff here, btw.
    Think I'm getting what my grandmother called "journey proud," perhaps why I'm still up at 3 am!

  3. hi from Italy, where everybody heard the news on the latest match in Yankee stadium... so sad: I saw it once, but I never got in...
    ps enjoy your travel to Venice


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