Monday, September 15, 2008

bloggers' lunch

Got together yesterday with Chuck Pefley,
who's here from Seattle, and 6 other NYC
bloggers whom I'd never met before.
Having visited their blogs (some anyway),
was not surprised to find that they're all
friendly, all interesting.  Thanks for inviting
me, Ming!  The blogisphere is great, but face-
to-face over food is even better.


  1. Hi, Alexa! I've finally gotten around to adding your blog to those I try to check frequently. Glad to see that you met with your NYC and around bloggers, and Chuck from Seattle. I'm so sorry to have missed you and Chuck this summer, but Fate had other plans.

    Rain here, dismal and cold!

  2. Alexa, face to face was fun indeed. Thanks for coming to the party!

  3. Yes, it was great fun!
    Are you camera shy or can I include a super picture of you at lunch?
    All best wishes.

  4. little trusty camera made it on your blog. :-)

    Great to finally meet you, Alexa.

  5. Bibi, really do wish you'd been there too—for multiple reasons.

    Had fun with all of you, and am trying to find out about access if any to the High Line.
    (Elizabeth, I e-mailed you.)

  6. Great meeting you yesterday.... nice blog!

    btw... I was at Woodstock too...1969 was a great year!


  7. Too cool, Alexa! What a great way to spend a lunch. I'm usually with sandwich in one hand and pen in the other, fending off students who want to see their grades. One of these days, I'll eat in peace. Thanks to you and to all the camera people who help make the few moments of quiet I do have so much more enjoyable.

  8. That's cool that you met with all of the NY bloggers! My friend 'the other Ming in NY' just started hers and is really excited about it!


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