Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Better order your tickets quick so you don't
miss Carmina Burana SEVEN MONTHS from
now! (It's because of all of us baby boomers
who thought that CB was the height of culture
when we were in college, and still can't get over it.)
Although I actually do think I'd better get on those
Messiah tix already.  Thanks for the reminder.


  1. Alexa, I can understand why the Boomers dug Camina Burana and still's got a lot of dionysian elements going for it;-) I'm thinking Renaissance Festivals. Not a lot of contrapuntal scoring though, if any for that matter. Expect no fugues, but do expect a healthy percussion section. That gets my attention, as you would expect. Not fancy stuff but with enough meter changes that keeps my interest. Kind of like Brubeck's play with time signatures but not that extreme. Simple beats. Will it be performed "cantata" or will dance and acting accompany the score? It really calls for something to give life to the music. It's wonderful, and I can certainly see why you are considering attending. I've seen the 9th, the Messiah, and this one too a few years back, but who can get enough of any of those magical pieces? I'd love to hear how it went if you do attend...but as you say, there is time. Amazing how early you have to buy your tickets. Here, I'm fortunate to be in music circles that I can usually score tickets for cheap (my only fringe benefit since the pay at most clubs isn't so hot). Have a good one!

  2. Right—what you said. I'm thinking it will be performed "cantata" because this is Avery Fisher Hall, designed for music and only . . .
    Perks are great, n'est-ce pas? Mine used to include the occasional overseas press trip (sigh); now (at Parents magazine) access to freebie toys, etc. My own kids are now in their 20s, but I pass lots of great stuff along to friends who have little ones.

  3. Alexa...please check your email. Merci.


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