Thursday, September 25, 2008

who goes there?

I came up out of the subway on 42nd Street this
morning just in time to see this cavalcade head
east toward the UN. Two cops on motorcycles at
the front, 12 or 15 cars, then an ambulance
bringing up the rear.  There wasn't a flag on any
of the cars, which made me think it was Ahmedinejad.
It's a huge pain for NY whenever they have the General
Assembly.  Cops everywhere, traffic tie-ups (they had to
clear several blocks of 42nd St. just for this little
parade), a security nightmare.  They even removed
mailboxes!  On the other hand, my colleague at
work did see M et Mme Sarkozy going into Cipriani 
the other night.  Big doings in the Big Apple.


  1. Maybe it was McCain rushing to the airport? ;-)

  2. Funny, Cali! Hope you're having a good week!

    Alexa, if you're like me when it comes to travel, you're probably still packing and unpacking and packing...okay, maybe you're not like me. I'm an idiot when it comes to packing (not one of my strengths). I wish you a great vacation in Gondola-land and look forward to hearing about your adventures. As for your blog, don't worry, I'll manage to clutter it up with some of my nit-witticisms while you're away. Cali will probably help, too! Bon voyage! ;-)

  3. coltrane -- oh, clutter away, please! Am totally anal about packing; lists upon lists are created, and I've been packed on paper for a while. Off now to put it in the not-too-big suitcase (and it WILL fit).

  4. I'll bet it was the Dalai Lama, taunting you.


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