Monday, September 15, 2008

The Treats Truck

You really can't argue with their catch phrase,
because—hey—treats ARE good!  They even have
gift certificates, and all you need to do when
you want to cash one in for a yummy treat . . .
is figure out where in the 5 boroughs 
that truck is parked.
Okay, I'm kidding of course.  At least I've never
seen them anywhere but here.


  1. Hello You !

    The road is Yourth, but by bus...

    Smile to You...

  2. Looks good! I also like the house behind the truck!

  3. webradio -- and to you!

    bibi -- me too. That house has been broken up into apartments (natch), but still great.

  4. *burp*

    I just ate half a pint of Hargen Daaz Rum Raisin ice-cream.

  5. ming -- great self-control, I say. I can't have it in the fridge, because if I open a pint . . . I eat a pint!


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