Tuesday, September 23, 2008

art seen (scene?) in soho

Am inspired by my friend ming the merciless
to dig out these shots from last year. There's a building on Spring Street
in Soho that was empty for years and a favorite canvas of graffiti artists.
Rupert Murdoch's son bought it, then sold it to a developer for lots o' $$$.
Now the developer is creating three luxury condos.  They may be
completed by now.  I don't really care, since prices for these places were to
range from an obscene $6 million to $18 million (well, that one DOES come
with its own garage).  Still, just slightly out of my price range.
But before they began work, they invited graffiti artists from around the
world, who came and covered every square inch of the place.  I heard they
were going to cover it with sheetrock rather than paint over it, at least.
Anyway, it was amazing for the few days it lasted.


  1. this is wild, I'm sorry I missed it.
    Your post brought back a wonderful childhood memory of mine.
    When I was a kid and the war in Vietnam ended, I painted a little Peace graffiti in our basement. When my parents refinished it, they put the sheetrock over it too.

  2. Wow, all that beautiful work to be covered up. In some way then, it's still been destroyed, for no one will view it anymore. In some odd way, this reminds me of Buddhist sand mandalas, so exquisitely created in colored sand, then destroyed...impermanence. Om!

  3. USElaine alerted me to this very cool post, Alexa. I think the condos would be more valuable with the graffiti still in 'em.

  4. Alexa, speaking of buildings, a few nights ago I caught on TV the last Yankee game at the stadium. Though not a Yankee fan (Cubs here), I gotta admit it was a special night seeing the 85 year old stadium in its final glory. Quite a tribute to baseball history. I just wish that I would have taken in at least one game there. I know we're talking the BRONX and not Brooklyn, but any photos of the old and new stadiums would be welcomed from this blogger. As to this art scene, it's a shame it had to be covered up. Well, back to my students' compositions, arghh!

  5. Hard not to have an opinion one way or the other about this, isn't it? I'm with you (as usual, it would seem), petrea.
    coltrane -- I have some incredible memories of that place, starting with the first game I ever attended. It went for 20-something innings (yes, we hung in).

  6. I heard Shea is coming down too, is that true? Or are Yankee Stadium and Shea one and the same?

    They'd better not be messin' with Wrigley, is all I'm sayin'.

  7. petrea -- yes, Shea is coming down too. They've already started building the new one, right next to the old one.

  8. I found your blog from a link at Petrea's. I really think they should have left the art in the condos! What cool shots.


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