Saturday, September 20, 2008

a cut above

This is one of Kako Ueda's amazing
cut-paper works. It's about as tall
as I am (5'2") and took two years (working
nights and weekends) to complete.
Next month, Kako's taking this (and one other
large) piece to a museum in Helsinki, where she
and Yoko Ono are sharing an exhibit space.
I just don't know how she makes those
intricate cuts.
Check out her website at


  1. Amazing stuff. I couldn't access her web page.

    You look taller in your photo. :-)

  2. Sorry I couldn't use the link because it is quite an impressive piece of work.
    I didn't know her and would be happy to see more of her "oeuvres".

  3. Can't figure out why that hyperlink won't work. If you really want to see more, just go to

  4. Thank you, my favorite, not the most impressive though, is Oracle,
    quite inspiring.

  5. Merci! Cool to discover new artists, Alexa. Also, a lot can be learned from her patience in the creative process. That's certainly taking cut-out snowflakes to whole different level.
    BTW...Garcia arrived today, and he is going to stay a long time. He is so "blue-tiful!" I love my new guest, and I'm sure he will dig the jazz he'll be around. Photo will indeed follow. Again, merci for your thoughtfulness!

  6. marylene -- I like that one too.
    coltrane -- glad you like both Kako (whose husband plays sax with the Lone Sharks btw) and Jerry (I think he would go well when you take out the brushes and play "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.")

  7. Awesome stuff. Are those cutouts from wood or metal?

  8. Where did you see this exhibited? I'd love to see her work in person.

    Blather From Brooklyn


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