Monday, September 29, 2008

ghost ship

Going to Burano today—for the first time,
so no photo.  Instead, here's one taken
from the late-night vaporetto, of another
boat passing on the Grand Canal.


  1. Pasta-tively a neon light extravagondola, Alexa. Don't forget to don your Mae West upon getting in those speedy gondolas...or don't they require you to wear them? Not too stylish for Venetian wear, I suppose. It's the ex-Coast Guardsman coming out in me, so do forgive me...but I am curious. Of course, the gondolier would probably dive in and rescue you. What was I thinking. ;-)

  2. Hope you'll have a nice day in Burano.
    It is one of the best memories of my trip to Venice, wondeful sights of those colorful houses, the delicacy of the lace, that simple little and so peaceful church and ....last but not least, the BEST pasta with clams and tomato sauce I ever had !!!!


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