Saturday, September 13, 2008

playing with fire

Actually took this in Venice last summer.
Aaah, Venezia—I'll be back there 
in two weeks (woo-hoo)!


  1. Lucky you !
    I've spent a long weekend in Venise once, for our 20th wedding anniversary, and, despite all the "idées reçues" I had about this so touristic place, I fell in love with the city, the "ambiance" and the inhabitants.
    Just an advice : it was in October, the weather had been gorgeous just the week before and the first thing we did on arriving was to buy pull-overs and scarfs !!!!

  2. Venice eh? As Marylene said, you are lucky! The closest I've ever gotten to Venice was the Venetian club in Vegas...not quite the same thing, unless Venice has painted clouds and the music of slot machines. One day, I would love to get to the real place. This photo is on fire! I love it. It would make a great album cover because it is so HOT HOT HOT! Can't wait to hear all about your upcoming merry adventure abroad. I'm sure there will be photos. ;-)

  3. marylene -- yes, even with the millions of visitors, it's still the most romantic place on the planet. We're renting an apartment this time, and we can get off the beaten track, shop at the Rialto market, and feel like real Venetians instead of tourists.

    coltrane -- yes, I'm very lucky. I've probably been to Venice 20 or 30 times so far. Start putting some euros aside in your own Visit Venice fund now. There really is no other place like it. There will definitely be photos, probably thousands of them! I'll still do the blog while I'm away (but the posts will be done ahead and "scheduled" because I doubt I'll have much Internet access while I'm over there. (What?? No daily PDP fix? Oh no!)

  4. Oh, man! Great photo, and great place. I have only been there once, and stayed at the noisiest Youth Hostel you will ever want to see, or hear. But I was glad to have seen San Marcos Square both dry and wet, up to my ankles. We were only there about three days, but I did manage to wander off to a quiet square to the east, with an amazing church all inlaid with white and blue stone - sort of Rococo leaflet festoonments floor to ceiling. (That's what half an education will get ya.) I'm sending envy your way.

  5. This is a really cool photo, it looks like a painting. . .


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