Tuesday, September 16, 2008

grand central

Went through Grand Central Terminal today.
Thousands pass through here every day, 
all on their way somewhere and 
each going in his or her own direction.


  1. Your picture made those words come to my mind :
    "la solitude dans la foule des villes".
    As if every one was walking surrounded and "protected" by ones own bubble.

  2. marylene -- T'as compris parfaitement! Meme quand je prend un photo dans cet endroit ou il y'a des douzaines de gens, c'est toujours la meme chose.

  3. Cool photo. The Grand Central Station is such a hard place to take photos because of the low light inside the hall.

    Great job!

    N.B.: Wish I can parle the francais like vous.

  4. He has such an angel's glox! Nice shot:)

  5. It is as if he travels with his own spotlight and photographer! Did you have to wait long for that perfect shot?

  6. Thanks, all --

    from cali -- I was there for a bit, waiting for this shot. To me, it looks like he could either go down the stairs and get on the train, or just stand in that spot and let Scotty beam him up.

  7. Grand Central? Grand Shot!!! You've raised the bar another notch. Marylene was too eloquent for me to add much more. I do like Cali's notion of personal "spotlight."

  8. Hi Alexa, thanks for stopping by my blog! This shot is amazing. He almost looks as if he's in a spotlight. It gives him an isolated look in the middle of all the bustle of Grand Central. Very cool!


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