Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Hunter — "orange"

These monks are probably a long way
from home—I found them on the
Brooklyn Bridge. And I love their
billowy saffron robes!

[You can see more "orange" here
at tnchick's Saturday meme.]


  1. At first I thought about a certain taxi, but the color (and what color!) might be Thai. So how is the summer heat out your way, Alexa? Close enough to Bangkok?

    That road that is yours is also so often gorgeous. I really like what this photo does to my mental state.

  2. such a great shot! I'm sure this brought back memories of your brush with greatness.

  3. Wonderful saffron-orangey colour! Nice with the cool blue-greyish surroundings.
    Great shot!
    Happy Weekend!
    Anna's PH-Orange

  4. Nice shot! The color orange is really striking here!

  5. Today is "orange"??? I did not know and featured "orange" on my post.

    Alexa, I do love these flowing robes of orange. They really stand out from the surrounding neutrals.

  6. They certainly are bright! Orange is one of my favorite colors... I had an orange room as a teenager... bright orange in fact! Mine is here.

  7. What a great capture. I wonder whre they were from. I'm loving looking at all these orange pictures.

  8. I thought this photo was taken in Beijing (though I've never been there)! :D

    Here's mine:

  9. I searched and searched my photo albums for just such a photo. All the monks I've seen here in NYC, and I never took a photo.
    Big Thumbs Up from your fellow NYCer
    Have a fabu weekend

  10. What a fun catch...and your brush with the Dalai Lama, wow. I am going to Dharamsala in December and according to HH's schedule he's there, but no longer holds public, should I try for a private one? :)

  11. There's a lot to be said for colour therapy. One look at this and I felt exuberant. What a beauty, Alexa.


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