Monday, August 30, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

The friends I visited recently in Montauk have
 installed birdfeeders near their deck.
Maybe it's because I'm a city girl (who can't stand 
pigeons), but I was a bit surprised to find that 
it's actually very entertaining to watch all 
the different species of birds that
come to visit (these are finches—and I love
the jaunty stance of the one on the right).

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  1. This was fun to enlarge, very jaunty indeed & they look like they are wearing masks!
    Nice shot Alexa.

  2. That is absolutely adorable. What a wonderful capture. Love it!

  3. I wonder if that guy on the right drove a cab in a former life. Of course, a yellow cab.

  4. Oh, how cute and almost symmetrical, too. I think they're what my mother used to call goldfinches; remember them from Penna.

  5. oh yeah..the bird on the right is funny :)
    This is so cute..Amazing shot!

  6. Yes, yes ... he is cool. What is more likely is that he has to stand like that as his balance is going with age! The colours are just great. I agree with you about pigeons ...

  7. Aww, what sweeties! I love watching little birds splashing around in mum's bird bath.

  8. It is wonderful to be able to sit outside and watch birds that are not pigeons!

  9. Beautiful shot! That's nice - they don't have to share!!

  10. What a cute picture. The little finches are quite endearing with their yellow coloring and pert appearances.

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  11. Great photo! Their markings make them look like they have cool shades on, which is why the one on the right is steppin' out :)


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