Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "beverage"

This is the wine we drank with our 3-star 
lunch at the Grand Véfour, in Paris. It's a lovely 2000
Coteaux de Languedoc Chateau de Lascaux—at
49 euros, the 2nd-least-expensive white on their list. 
I'm hardly an oenophile, but the sommelier
heartily approved of our choice.
(And btw, you can get a 2009 bottle online
for $12.95.)

[See how others interpreted this theme here.]


  1. that sounds like a deal! I love the ambience in this photo too.

  2. Wine Spectator gave the 2000 a respectable 90 points in 2004.

    From here it has a real buttery smell. Oh. Oops. Gotta get that nose up a bit more to the right.

    What a perfect place and beverage to toast Nappy and Jo. And the fortuitous opportunity you had to share in the same ambience (love that word Lily) they may have experienced. Did you do any carving of initials on a table? Or just settle for a number of little plaques, like here?

  3. Oh, smooth, smooth....yum.

    I don't think that's butter, Gary. Are they not warm hand towels? If it is butter, then Le Grand Vefour is catering to yanks!

  4. Dear Bibi, here is the same type of dish at the same restaurant. Slippery-looking yellow hand towels with bread and accompanying knife? I’ll let you go first, but only after I urge a momentary restraint, and, oh, dear me, “I just can’t seem to make out this item on the menu. Do you have your reading glasses available? My eyes just aren’t what they used to be.”

  5. Looks and sounds wonderful, Alexa! Butter, warm hand towels ~ I'd be happy with either and twice as happy with both.

  6. TG is right: butter it is—both salted and sweet. I was surprised to find it served in a centuries-old French restaurant, and the place was definitely NOT chock-a-block with Americans (in fact, there was only one other one there at the time).

  7. I too posted a snap on Wines. Although I haven't been as lucky to taste beyond the regular table wines :)

  8. Great entry for the meme.
    Mine is coffee from Italy. :)

  9. Love the how it is shot. And for the price that is not bad at all. Happy Thursday!

    Thursday Challenge

  10. Well, je suis surprise. Du beurre....

    I didn't mean that the restaurant was full of Americans, but that it must have some sort of clientele that wants butter... Not the typical French dinner addition!

    Thanks, Gary, for the extra photo with the addition of the knife and bread, not visible in Alexa's photo.

  11. What did you eat with that wine ? Fish, poultry or maybe as "apéritif" ?
    Nice choice and picture, great ambiance.

  12. Alexa, what a lovely scene -- I can almost taste that wine! The tablecloths, silver, flowers, and waitstaff in the background create a perfect setting. Merci!

  13. Marylene -- with this excellent wine, I had daurade farcies aux algues roties, fenouil, avec jus a la coriandre, then fromages fermiers (just 2 of the 4+ courses).
    Genie -- it was rather perfect! I love the waiters (all men), who have managed to achieve an absolutely artful mélange of friendly and obsequious.


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