Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Challenge — "fun"

This looks like fun—I think.  This trapeze was set up
on Governor's Island, and we watched a bunch of
people try it (no, I was definitely not one of them).
This young woman was an instructor; everyone else
had a safety harness. So, would you do it?

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  1. Err. Hmm. Well, perhaps! It would depend on my mood and attire at the time, I suspect. It's a wonderful scene, Alexa!

  2. if you know how....I'm not an altitude person, but this is a great photo for 'fun".

  3. A vibrant photo. It almost appears that she is saying, “Look Ma...”

    Moi? That is second on my agenda. Right after I complete doing this, like, the second Tuesday of next week...

  4. TG -- Ha! Those "monkey feet" from yesterday might come in handy there.

  5. i'd like to try that but I sure hope I don't fall.

  6. This is fun but right now I got sweat on my palms just by looking at this photo.. I got an issue with heights :D I will definitely not going to try :)

  7. In a heartbeat! My sister and I did the "like being in a plane high above the rain forest" zipline at Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica in 2007. Breathtaking experience! Just like flying but without the plane and other passengers -- hah!

  8. They might at that. After all, they seem to be working reasonably well for this guy who is using a pair here.


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